I'm gonna rock your socks

  Oh my God, it's so weird to write this post in English... Ok, I've got no idea if I should introduce myself, because there is a possibility that you already know me. But just in case:

 My name is Sara. I live in Poland, but my whole family live abroad, so if I can't learn all those different languages they can speak, maybe I can take up English, and try to get even a small ability to communicate with foreigners. Or just understand what the fuck are they talking about... 
  I hope my English is not that bad, or just tolerable... This merit belongs to "all stupid american series" as my mum likes to say, amazing English songs (thank you, Disney!) and talk shows (thank you, Ellen and Jimmy!). 
 Maybe you'll try to say, it's not a quite big achievement to know English kind of well, but then I'll complain with you, if not offend you with some words, which are definitely not complements... It's because, holy shit, knowing some words, phrases or tenses, is a completely different thing than communicating. 
  However, sorry if I would make mistakes. I'm still learning, maybe you can learn something new with me? Oh, maybe I should stop typing about English. Of course more interesting matter is what is my offer:

  I promise, I'll try to send you as much positive energy as it's possible! I'll give you truly objective opinions, what mean I will review some products like: books, films, cosmetics etc. I'll give you some facts, recommendations, very smart lessons (hope you see this sarcasm), omg just everything what would come to my crazy mind.    Do you want to know who I am? Because my name, and nationality don't say anything at all? I can't tell you though. You should get me to know by observing, spending some time reading my thoughts... Just like in real life. I doubt that you've ever introduced yourself like: Hi, I'm Emma I love horse riding and pizza. I'm lazy, smart, and confident... I hope you can infer that I'm so sassy, not only becouse of my blog's title...
  So at the end I'm gonna say: see you soon. Can you see this track? If I say "see you soon", you should stay with me and complete my request...
Queen of sass

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  1. Maybe I'm not English, but... I dunno. See ya! XD
    This comment doesn't make sense, but who cares, right?


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